For those who have recently lost weight or may have loose and sagging skin in the neck area, a neck lift may be an ideal solution to remove any extra fat, tighten the sagging skin, smooth lines and wrinkles, and eliminate what many refer to as a “turkey neck” to reveal a slimmer profile. Many young people are also candidates for a neck lift. The fullness right under the chin is a problem area for many and may not be fully corrected with liposuction or non-invasive procedures.

The Procedure

During a neck lift, an incision is made under the chin and near each ear. Often, liposuction will be used to remove fat under the skin. Excess skin will then be trimmed away, and the remaining tissue and muscles will be pulled tight. Bruising and swelling will appear immediately after the surgery but will usually subside within a week. During the initial recovery, you may notice tightness and numbness in the area treated. However, once your neck adjusts to its new position, the skin and muscles will relax, and the results will begin to appear.

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