Dermabrasion is a skin-resurfacing procedure that uses a rotating instrument to remove the outer layers of skin, usually on the face, to stimulate new skin growth. The wearing down of the top layer promotes a natural peeling process resulting in a new generation of skin that is softer and brighter while minimizing fine wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, and blemishes, leading to a more youthful and even skin appearance.

The Procedure

Dermabrasion can be performed fairly quickly. The procedure usually takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how large an area of skin is involved. More pronounced scarring or broad skin areas may require multiple sessions.

Directly after the procedure, your skin will be fairly red and swollen, and eating and speaking may be difficult. You'll probably feel some tingling, burning or aching; any pain and swelling you experience will subside within a few days and you can expect to be back at work within 2 weeks. You should wear sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure until the pigment has completely returned to your skin.

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